Advertising Your Trucking Company, is it Necessary for Recruitment?

Most carriers understand that they need to pay to reach truck drivers and get them to apply for their open positions. However, what about paying for ads that do not generate driver leads?

  • What is Trucking Company Advertising?
  • Why Advertising is Necessary for Driver Recruitment
  • How to Advertise Your Trucking Company 

What is Trucking Company Advertising?

This is simple, trucking company advertising is paying for people in the industry to see your company. It does not directly lead to driver applicants. 

You may be thinking that this type of advertising is a waste of time and money because the ads do not directly generate driver leads. 

If you do think this, you are wrong. 

Why Advertising Is Necessary for Driver Recruitment

Even though advertising does not generate leads directly, it is still vital for driver recruiting. 


Advertising plays a major role in your company’s brand. The type of messaging you display to the world helps form the narrative surrounding your company. 

If drivers are aware of who your company is and the drivers have a positive perception, conversations with recruiters will go much smoother. The drivers will be excited to be offered a position with the company they have heard about so much. 

Plus, if drivers are familiar with your brand they will be more likely to apply to your driver recruitment campaigns.

Trucking company advertising leads to more applicants, better conversations for recruiters, and higher conversion rates.

How to Advertise Your Trucking Company

Before making any creative content or paying for any ad space, you need to first determine what you want your brand to be. 

5 key elements that make up "Branding" written out on a white piece of paper.

If your company were a person, how would you want people to describe your company’s characteristics? 

Light-hearted? Funny? Family-oriented? Serious? Committed?

Determine 3-5 characteristics you want to represent your company. Then begin creating your ad-creative that reinforces your ideal characteristics. 

After you begin making your creative content you need to determine where the ads will be placed. Determine what websites you are going to pay to have ads on and who you want to target. Also, think about which non-internet ad spaces you want to be on. 

Finally, once your ads are running track each ad’s performance. Use the data you collect to measure KPIs and adjust your campaign accordingly. 

Sound complicated? It can be! Especially if you do not have the proper time to dedicate to making sure the ads run properly. 

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