Is Facebook Advertising for Driver Recruiting Dead?


But also no.

Carriers still need to be advertising on the platform and building a presence. However, long gone are the days of relying on a Facebook lead generation campaign to be the foundation of your recruitment. 

Let’s take a look at how Facebook advertising has changed and the direction it is heading.

  • The Golden Era of Facebook Ads for Driver Recruitment 
  • Current State of Recruiting on Facebook
  • Predicting Facebook’s Future

The Golden Era of Facebook Ads for Driver Recruitment

Throw in the advanced level of targeting that Facebook provided advertisers and campaigns were performing at unbelievably high levels. 

To put this into context, today Meramec Solutions aims to have our campaigns achieve a $25 cost-per-lead by the end of the month. From our experience, we have that this is the benchmark for a campaign that has high quality and quantity. 

During the Golden Era of Facebook ads, we could run lead generation campaigns that resulted in $10 cost-per-lead. Not only did Facebook provide more quantity, but the quality was also higher. 

All of the driver leads from Facebook during the golden era were direct. There were never any multi-carrier or matched leads. 

Like everything else that is great in this world, the Golden Era came to an end. Now people are trying to figure out what is the best use for Facebook. 

Facebook app icon blurred.

Current State of Recruiting on Facebook 

Earlier this year Facebook updated its employment advertising policies to prevent employment discrimination. 

These updates severely restrict the amount of targeting recruiters can use to promote their open positions. For example, you cannot change the age targeting from 18-65+. Even though 18-year-olds are not legally allowed to drive a semi, carriers cannot exclude them from seeing the job ads.

The targeting on Facebook is now far more restricted, but the audience and their attention are still there. 

Building your driver brand on Facebook will lead to a higher conversion rate on other job boards or when your recruiters call them. This is because drivers will be familiar with your company and be interested in driving for you if you have an attractive offer. 

Predicting Facebook’s Future

The future of driver recruiting on Facebook looks bleak. 

Earlier this year Apple and Google both implemented features on their operating systems that allows users to block Facebook’s cross-platform ad-tracking. 

The government fears that Facebook has become a social media monopoly. If Facebook does get split up, that would put an end to recruiters being able to advertise on Instagram and WhatsApp from the Facebook Ads Manager portal. 

Despite all of this, Facebook will still have the largest truck driver audience and attention. It remains a crucial part of any driver recruiting campaign. 

The increasing number of challenges with Facebook advertising is further reason for you to hire an expert. Fill out the form below and speak to a Meramec expert today!

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