Do you know any trucking companies that need truck drivers? Do you like money? Meramec Solutions wants to pay you.

We Want to Pay You

Our partnership program
pays anyone who refers us a client. Every month your referral runs a campaign with Meramec Solutions, you receive 5% of their payment. All you need to do is make an email introduction, we will handle it from there.

Are you an existing client that has a referral? Great! Meramec Solutions will take the 5% and deduct that from your current campaign as a discount.

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band
black wallet with dollar banknotes

How it Works

Meramec Solutions wants to make it as short and easy as possible for you to start getting paid.

5 Simple Steps

1. Reach Out

The first step to getting paid is reaching out and letting us know you have a referral who can benefit from our services. Reach out to us in any way that suits you best. Phone,
email, and our website all are great ways to send us a message.

2. Speak With a Specialist

After reaching out to us, you will speak to one of our recruiting specialists. The recruiting specialist will answer any questions you have and give you a good idea of the work we can do for your referral.

3. Send an Email

Once you have spoken with our recruiting specialist and are confident we can solve your
referral’s recruiting needs, send an introductory email. The only thing this email needs to
do is introduce Meramec Solutions to your referral. No need to worry about describing our services or adding any additional information. We will handle all of that.

4. We Launch Their Campaign

After you introduce us to your referral, we take care of selling them our services. We provide the referral with all of the information they need to understand how Meramec
Solutions operates. Our specialists work with the referral until they are ready to launch their campaign.

5. Sit Back and Get Paid

Every month your referral pays Meramec Solutions, you get 5% of that payment. There are
no limits to how much you get paid or how long you receive payments. Have more than one referral? Great! We want to pay you as much as possible.

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