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Wayfind Creative and Meramec Solutions are the peanut butter and jelly of truck driver recruiting. Wayfind creative creates professional video testimonials from your drivers that highlights your company. Combine that with Meramec Solutions’ advertising expertise and your company will never worry about the driver shortage again. Enter the sweepstakes to for a chance to experience first hand how these two services work together (an $800 value) for free!

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"The PB&J of Truck Driver Recruiting"

Wayfind Creative creates the video testimonials drivers trust. Meramec Solutions runs the advertising campaign that gets drivers to apply to your company. Combining Wayfind’s testimonials with Meramec’s advanced targeting will get truck drivers applying directly to your company because they want to work for you. No more fighting other carriers over the same leads.

Video ads see a 7.5X higher CTR than images

Drivers trust employees 3X more than the company itself

96% of truck drivers have a Facebook account

7/10 drivers on Facebook spend 34+ minutes per day

Over 54% of drivers use YouTube as entertainment on the road

73% of job seekers use social media during the job search

Wayfind Creative

What is Driver Response?

Driver Response provides a series of video prompts to your drivers to collect video testimonials. We take their responses and turn them into usable recruiting videos. Check out some examples below!

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wayfind Creative and Meramec Solutions have 5 star ratings on Google. Both companies work tirelessly to satisfy our clients and our hard work does not go unnoticed. Read some of the things our clients are saying about us!

They are honest and are in it to help their clients! They take the time to follow up with us regularly and adjust as our needs change. We are a life long customer of Meramec!

Wayfind Creative's work is first class and something we're proud to put our logo on. They takes\ the time to learn your objectives and propose smart ideas to help you reach the goal.

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