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Truck Driver Recruiting

Meramec Solutions was founded in a fit of rage. Rage over how many hard working people get ripped off by “truck driver recruiting” companies. You are promised qualified leads and then delivered old lists or nothing at all. Because of this, Meramec Solutions provides our clients the qualified leads they need to keep their trucks on the road.

Meramec Solutions’ Services

Driver Lead Generation

Meramec Solutions uses our expertise in digital marketing to target qualified truck drivers and get them to apply for your positions. We combine different channels of paid advertising to get your open job positions the exposure they need. Furthermore, digital marketing campaigns run 24/7 and never take off holidays or weekends. Drivers will be exposed nonstop to your job openings.

Website Creation

If you think of your company as a house, your website is the house’s curb-appeal. Therefore, as you invite drivers over to your house (digital advertising), they will be more likely to enter (apply) if you have inviting curb-appeal. Bottom line, your company needs a professional website that gets drivers interested in working for you. We can make that website for you.

Full Service Recruitment

Need more than just high quality leads? Then let our in-house recruiters handle all the truck driver recruiting. Our team of experts will work together to generate leads, nurture the leads, and then contact your leads. Meramec Solutions will get drivers to apply and be ready to work for your company. As a result, all you need to do is onboard.

What our clients are saying

I had spent over $60,000 with other recruiting services and did not hire a single team. After one month of working with Meramec Solutions I was able to hire the team I need and expand into two states we previously were not in.

My recruiters race to the office to in order to get the first crack at Meramec Solutions’ leads. They are consistently the most valuable leads our company receives each month

About us

Based in Salt Lake City, we help carriers nationwide hire the drivers they need.

Meramec Solutions combines digital marketing and web automations to deliver qualified driver applicants real time.


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