Diesel Mechanic
Lead Generation

Skilled disel mechanics are a vital part of your business. However, finding qualified mechanics is more difficult than ever before. Meramec Solutions will target and connect you with the qualified mechanics you need for your operations.

iPhone 10 with Facebook feed on screen that has an example of Facebook Advertising for Diesel Mechanic Recruiting

Social Media Advertising

70% of diesel mechanics are on Facebook for 30+ minutes per day. Social media is the number one way to diesel mechanics with your job offer. Our diesel mechanic advertising enables your company to reach mechanics directly 24/7.

Lead Qualification

Your business can’t just hire any diesel mechanic, you need people that meet your qualifications. Meramec Solutions filters out the unqualified candidates for you, so you can focus on the people who can help your business now. 

Diesel mechanic working in semi truck repair shop.
Diesel mechanic recruiting campaign built by Meramec Solutions

Live Campaign Tracking

Trust is built from transparency. Our campaign dashboards allow carriers to know exactly what is happening 24/7. Nothing is hidden.

Dedicated Recruiting Strategist

Your dedicated recruiting strategist will take a hands-on approach for the entirety of your campaign. This enables us to better understand your company needs, optimize results, and provide the best overall customer support.

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