3 Steps to Boosting Driver Recruiting With QR Codes

Semi-truck trailer using a QR code to improve driver recruiting.

Truck driver recruiting works best when carriers are reaching drivers with multiple strategies. However, Carriers often think that this means paying multiple sources to generate leads online. Yet, reaching drivers in the real world can be overlooked. Utilizing QR codes will turn your trailers into traveling billboards, promoting your open positions to drivers everywhere you […]

How Carriers Are Unlocking the Truth: EyeDetect Lie Detection

How Carriers Are Unlocking the Truth_ EyeDetect Lie Detection

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and now, with advanced technology, they can also be a window into honesty. Enter EyeDetect, a software revolutionizing how we perceive truthfulness and trustworthiness in the digital age. Seeing Through Deception EyeDetect takes the age-old concept of the polygraph test and gives it a […]

How Digital Forensics is Helping Trucking Companies

Similar to the “black box” found on airplanes, newer vehicles have incorporated the same technology. Also known as an Event Data Recorder (EDR), the vehicle black box provides investigators with insights in the event of accidents or other incidents. Trucking companies have realized that accessing the information stored in vehicle black boxes can help the […]

Yellow Is Preparing To File For Bankruptcy: What Does It Mean?

Yellow truck with the title "Yellow is Preparing to File for Bankruptcy" on top of the image

Yellow execs have informed its 30,000 employees that they need to be ready to begin sending resumes as the carrier is preparing to file for bankruptcy, among other contingencies.  At the end of Q1, 2023, Yellow reported about $1.48 billion in total debt against $806 million in assets. In addition to this report, Yellow also […]

How Marijuana Legalization Impacts CDL Recruiting

Pot leaf on pink background with the text "How Marijuana Legalization Impacts CDL Recruiting" layed on top

In June 2023, the American Transportation Research Institute released its “Impact of Marijuana Legalization on the Trucking Industry” report. This 50+ page report dives deep into how the transportation industry is impacted by marijuana becoming increasingly legal nationwide. The ATRI analyzed decriminalization trends, highway safety, workforce implications, carrier and driver surveys, and the ATRI drew […]

Driver Recruiting Ads Will Never Be The Same

Recruiter using their lap top to work on driver recruiting ads

A new tool rarely gets released that radically changes how companies work.  Adobe Photoshop has released an AI beta that upended the way that Meramec Solutions creates truck driver recruiting ads.  If you are creating driver recruiting ads, you need to implement this tool into your process immediately. Photoshop’s AI tool is a game changer. […]

The Myth of the $110,000 Truck Driver Salary 

Hundred dollar bills spread out with the title, "The Myth of the $110,000 Truck Driver Salary" layered on top.

Over the weekend a friend of mine, who is not in the trucking industry, sent me an article from Business Insider that made my jaw drop. Known as the “Truck Driver Recruiting Guy” among my friends and family, it is common for people to randomly send me articles that mention the trucking industry.  However,  It […]

Improving Truck Driver Health to Boost Retention

Truck driver out of breath from exercising as they try to get healthy.

It is common to hear people refer to the trucking industry as the “backbone of the US economy”. However, I think it is more like the cardiovascular system of the US economy. Like the cardiovascular systems in humans, the trucking industry keeps the country moving. We are the industry responsible for transporting vital resources to […]

Technology Shaping the Future of Truck Driver Recruiting

AI hand touching finger tips with human hand to symbolize technology shaping the futre of truck driver recruitment.

Identifying, experimenting, and implementing new technology is a never-ending process that can be costly.  However,  Carriers that master the art of innovation reap the benefits in their bottom line, particularly when it comes to recruiting and retaining CDL drivers. Innovative carriers hire drivers faster, get their drivers to perform better, and retain their drivers for […]

Why Touchpoints Matter When Recruiting Truck Drivers

Male finger pointing at viewer with the title "Why Touchpoints Matter When Recruiting Trcuk Drivers"

Building positive relationships is a must in today’s job market, where top talent has the pick of the litter. And as recruiters, it’s our job to connect with even the most passive job seekers, proving your company is the right fit for them. By utilizing touchpoints, you can form meaningful connections with your candidates and […]