FleetDrive 360

FleetDrive 360 offers a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to manage your FMCSA and DOT compliance. Using your laptop or phone, you can access and maintain your driver qualification files, drug and alcohol consortium, Clearinghouse queries, vehicle maintenance documents, accident records, and more. As you grow your business, you can utilize our tool to hire new drivers, create driver qualification files, and manage your drug and alcohol consortium. Building your business is hard – compliance doesn’t have to be.

Blendyd Studios

Blendyd is an affordable, next generation applicant tracking system which automates key recruitment functions. Save time, money, and talent while creating a seamless candidate experience! Spend time on the recruitment efforts that matter, leaving the manual tasks to us!

Sherlock Digital Forensics

Sherlock’s founders have over 100 years of law enforcement background and experience. That experience and training is used at Sherlock to locate, isolate, and preserve digital evidence stored on computers, cell phones, tablets, vehicle black boxes, and infotainment systems, plus other digital medium.  Once the data is isolated and preserved it can then be analyzed and the results are presented in comprehensive reports.

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