3 Steps to Boosting Driver Recruiting With QR Codes

Truck driver recruiting works best when carriers are reaching drivers with multiple strategies. 


Carriers often think that this means paying multiple sources to generate leads online. Yet, reaching drivers in the real world can be overlooked.

Utilizing QR codes will turn your trailers into traveling billboards, promoting your open positions to drivers everywhere you work. 

Here are three steps to boosting driver recruiting with QR codes:

  1. Use Dynamic QR Codes
  2. Create Position Specific Landing Pages
  3. Measure Twice, Print Once

Use Dynamic QR Codes

One of the biggest downfalls of QR codes is that QR codes cannot be updated after being printed. This downfall has made QR codes an expensive and labor-intensive recruitment tool.

Carriers do not want to re-purchase and replace all their QR codes each time they change the landing page they want to promote.

Let me introduce you to DYNAMIC QR Codes.

Dynamic QR codes enable carriers to link to any page on the web and change that link any time they want.

Use dynamic QR codes to avoid the painstaking process of replacing all outdated decals. 


Dynamic QR codes track user statistics and provide data that allows you to optimize your QR campaign.

Create Position Specific Landing Pagess

Landing Page concept with smartphone on white table

If you follow step one, then you need to use the dynamic QR codes to link to position-specific landing pages. 

Creating position-specific landing pages, and tracking the trailers that each code is attached to, will enable you to promote the appropriate position on all of your routes. 

For example,

Trailers used solely for local routes, need to promote the local position. OTR trailers need to get drivers applying who are interested in driving OTR for your company. 

Doing this will ensure the driver leads generated from QR codes are informed about the positions you want the leads applying for.

Measure Twice, Print Once

Tape measure on a wooden dark table, measuring tool

There is no worse feeling than placing an order for decals to be placed on your trailers and realizing the decals are the wrong size. 

Measure the exact place you want your QR code decals twice before placing your order!

Taking the time to make sure you are ordering the proper size can save you a lot of time and money.

Are you interested in learning more about using dynamic QR codes for driver recruiting? Fill out the form below to speak directly with a Meramec Solutions specialist!

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