Driver Recruiting Ads Will Never Be The Same

A new tool rarely gets released that radically changes how companies work. 

Adobe Photoshop has released an AI beta that upended the way that Meramec Solutions creates truck driver recruiting ads. 

If you are creating driver recruiting ads, you need to implement this tool into your process immediately.

Photoshop’s AI tool is a game changer.

Understanding Adobe Photoshop's AI Tool

Adobe Photoshop’s AI tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence to simplify editing tasks, enhance creativity, and optimize workflow. 

It analyzes images, recognizes patterns, and makes intelligent suggestions or performs automated actions, streamlining the editing process and reducing manual effort. 

The AI tool enables both novices and seasoned professionals to achieve outstanding results. By typing a few simple prompts, you can create stunning images in minutes.

How to Get Started With The AI Tool

To access the AI tool in Adobe Photoshop, ensure that you have the beta version installed on your system. Once you have launched the software, follow these steps to start harnessing the power of AI:

  1. Open the desired image: Begin by opening the image you wish to edit in Adobe Photoshop. You can either go to “File” > “Open” or drag and drop the image directly into the workspace.

  2. Explore the AI-powered features: With the image open, navigate to the toolbar or the menu options to discover the AI-powered features. These features might vary based on the version you are using, but some common AI tools include object removal, subject selection, content-aware fill, and sky replacement.


  3. Experiment with automated suggestions: Adobe Photoshop’s AI tool is designed to analyze your image and offer automated suggestions to improve it. Look for prompts or pop-ups that highlight potential edits, enhancements, or corrections. Experiment with these suggestions and assess their impact on your image.


  4. Refine and customize: While the AI tool provides valuable automated suggestions, you always have the freedom to refine and customize the edits according to your creative vision. Leverage the various adjustment layers, blending modes, and fine-tuning options available in Photoshop to make the edits more personalized.


  5. Combine AI features with traditional tools: Don’t limit yourself to just using the AI tool. Adobe Photoshop is a comprehensive editing suite, and you can combine the power of AI with traditional tools and techniques to create truly unique and captivating images. Experiment with different features, filters, and brushes to push the boundaries of your creativity.


  6. Practice and iterate: As with any new tool or technique, practice is key to mastering the AI tool in Adobe Photoshop. Explore different types of images, experiment with a variety of edits, and iterate your approach. Over time, you will develop a deeper understanding of how the AI tool can enhance your workflow and help you achieve your desired outcomes more efficiently.

Watch the AI Tool in Action

Remove Background – 

Subject Selection – 

Content Fill – 

Sky Replacement – 

Adding Objects – 

Remove Objects – 


Adobe Photoshop’s new AI tool saves driver recruiters hours. It empowers users to tap into the vast potential of artificial intelligence, simplifying complex tasks, and unleashing their creativity. 

By familiarizing yourself with the AI tool and integrating it into your workflow, you can elevate your editing game and produce stunning, professional-quality images. Embrace this innovative technology and take your driver recruiting advertising to the next level.

Are you looking for help with your driver recruiting? Fill out the form below to contact Meramec Solutions and learn how we incorporate cunning edge technology into driver recruiting processes for carriers nationwide.

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