5 Tips to Hook Drivers on the Phone

DriverReach teamed up with business guru Phil Jones to rewrite his well-regarded book “Exactly What to Say” specifically for CDL Driver Recruiting

Doing this raises the question,

Is there a formula to hook drivers on the phone? 

Here are 5 tips to improving your calls with truck drivers and getting them hooked on your job faster:

  1. Call With a Smile

  2. Cut to the Chase – Lead With the Offer

  3. Be Enthusiastic

  4. Don’t Lie to the Driver!

  5. Call Nurtured Leads

Call With a Smile

Before you call the truck driver, force yourself to make the biggest smile you can. 

You are going to look and feel ridiculous. Some of your colleagues may even ask what is wrong with you. 

However, speaking with a smile changes the way your voice sounds. The driver on the other end of the line will hear a recruiter who is confident and happy.

According to studies, people can hear smiles and they are contagious!

By smiling through your conversation with drivers, you will get them to begin smiling. This creates a positive experience for the driver and they will associate that happiness with your position.

Cut to the Chase - Lead With the Offer

Drivers who are looking for a new job will apply to many different positions at a time. In addition to actively applying, driver information will be sent to carriers as multi-carrier apps. 

This leads to drivers being called by recruiters all day. 

Introduce yourself and immediately share the most intriguing part of your job offer. Do not start with small talk. 

Leading the conversation with your offer will set you apart from other recruiters as a person who empathizes with drivers and values their time. 

If the offer is something the driver is interested in then they will give you more time to speak. If the driver is not interested then they will let you know and you can move on to the next driver.

Be Enthusiastic

Maintaining a high level of enthusiasm calling drivers all day is difficult. 

However, doing this makes a world of difference. 

If you are not enthusiastic to be speaking with the driver or the position you are hiring for, the driver will be turned off. How can they get excited about your company if you aren’t excited to be hiring for it? 

On the flip side, an enthusiastic recruiter gets drivers to begin feeling enthusiastic as well. Enthusiasm is contagious and will hook drivers far more often than a monotone pitch.

woman in black blazer sitting on black office chair

Don’t Lie to the Driver!

Recruiters have a reputation among drivers for profusely lying to drivers.

Truck drivers (whether fair or not) assume that any recruiter they speak to is going to say whatever it takes to hire the driver. 

Because of these assumptions, drivers are constantly on guard looking for lies. 

If you are in any way misleading about the position drivers will take note. Drivers will lose interest and move on to the next job opportunity.

Call Nurtured Leads

Imagine if before you called a driver, they had read your position information and knew about why your company is a great place to work. 

It would be almost too easy to hook the drivers on the phone.

This happens with nurtured leads

Nurtured leads are truck drivers who are informed about your job before a recruiter calls them. These calls to nurtured leads go much smoother than calling drivers who do not know about your company. 

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