Lead Nurturing – What it is, Why You Need it, and How to Start

One of the biggest frustrations in truck driver recruiting is calling drivers that have no clue who your company is. There are many causes of this phenomenon, and one solution your company can implement now. 

Lead nurturing. 

What is Lead Nurturing?

Simply put, lead nurturing is developing and reinforcing relationships with drivers before they are contacted by one of your recruiters. 

What does that look like?

Any time a driver’s information is sent to your company (whether from application or multi-carrier) a string of timed messages will be sent directly to the driver.

A lead nurturing system will send emails and text messages to the driver. The best part is that you do not need to do any work to send those messages, they are all automated. 

Why You Need to Nurture Driver Leads

Nurturing your driver leads pushes drivers further down the recruitment funnel before any of your recruiters call them. This makes conversations with drivers much smoother. 

You can eliminate the dreaded “who are you?” phone call with truck drivers.

Calling drivers who are already aware of your company and your offer will increase your recruiting efficiency. Drivers you call will already know if they are interested in the position or not. 

Either way, you will get through the conversation quicker which makes it easier to call more drivers. More calls means more hires. 

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How to Begin Lead Nurturing

There are many different ways to begin nurturing leads. Applicant tracking systems such as Tenstreet, Zoho Recruit, and DriverReach have some tools you can use to send messages to the leads entered in your system. 

Other tools like Zapier can help you automate multiple applications at once. Zapier is a great addition to the ATS nurturing features because Zapier can automate applications outside of your ATS. 

Or the easiest way to make sure your leads are properly nurtured is to hire an agency like Meramec Solutions who specializes in this process. 

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