6 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads Drivers Respond to

It is well established that Facebook is the platform with the highest driver population and attention. Carriers are flooding Facebook with ads hoping to attract quality drivers.

Standing out from the competition is more difficult than ever. Poorly created Facebook ads are being lost in the abyss, never to be clicked on by potential drivers.

Read this blog and avoid the abyss of wasted ad spend. 

Here are 6 tips for creating Facebook ads drivers respond to:

  1. Determine your target driver audience first, then write to it
  2. Create different ads for different positions
  3. Avoid stock images of trucks
  4. Use both images and video to capture attention
  5. Design all ads to be mobile-friendly

Determine Your Target Driver Audience First, Then Write To It

Wooden figures under magnifying class to depict target audience

Before you open Adobe Illustrator and create your Facebook masterpiece, you need to know who you are creating the ad for. 

Are you trying to attract drivers with endorsements? Do they need experience? Is this a team position? Are you hiring for a local route in a specific location? 

Etc, etc, etc…

If you create the ad before determining your target driver, the ad will fail to provide crucial information that attracts drivers.

Create Different Ads For Different Positions

Your different positions have different reasons that drivers will be attracted to them. 

For example, you may be hiring for an OTR position that pays drivers $0.75cpm and requires 2 years of experience. Also, you may be looking to fill a local position that pays $0.55cpm and requires 2 years of experience.

One group of drivers will respond to the OTR ad for the high pay. Another group of drivers will respond to the local ad because they want to be home daily. 

A blanket ad that shares generic information will fail to get either group of drivers to respond to the ad.

Avoid Stock Images Of Trucks

Truck driver recruiting facebook ad with stock image

Stock image sites are filled with professional photos of beautiful semi-trucks that you can use for free!

So why should you avoid them? 

Drivers know that these are stock images and are wary to respond to ads that use them. The drivers want to see the trucks they will be operating if they are to work for you. 

Plus, it creates an added layer of authenticity for your company that drivers appreciate. 

Even if you do not have professional images of your trucks, it is better to use your photos than stock photos.

Use Both Images And Videos To Capture Attention

Over 50% of people say they want to see more video content from companies advertising on social media.

Relying entirely on static images for your driver recruiting campaign is missing a huge opportunity for engagement. 

Drivers respond to video ads. Using a combination of video and images ensures your ads will grab attention more frequently than solely relying on one or the other.

Design All Ads To Be Mobile Friendly

More than likely you will be designing your ads on a computer. Doing this can lead to the mistake of thinking that drivers will interact with your ads on their computers. 

This is not the case. 

In 2019, 79% of all social media visits were from mobile devices. And it is safe to guess that percentage is higher among drivers.

Make your ads mobile-friendly so drivers can interact with the ads and have zero issues.


Testimonials from your current drivers are excellent for getting prospective drivers to respond to your ads. 

Ads that promote the benefits of your position will get drivers interested in those benefits.


Driver testimonials get prospective drivers excited about your company, not just the position. 

Truck drivers are blasted with open position ads all day every day. Testimonials are the knife that will cut through the noise and make your company stand out.


Creating Facebook ads that drivers respond to is harder than it has been in years past. But it can be done successfully with the right techniques. 

Follow these 6 tips to get drivers responding to your Facebook ads! 

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