The Number 1 Reason Why Midsize Carriers Struggle to Recruit Drivers

Truck driver shortage, entitled drivers, greedy recruiting agencies, etc. have all been labeled as the main reason why midsize carriers struggle to recruit drivers. 


This is not the case. Midsize carriers struggle to hire truck drivers when they settle. 

What are they settling for? 

They settle for the type of leads they are trying to recruit.

What Does it Mean to Settle for Leads?

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Simply put, carriers will choose to rely on sources that guarantee a high quantity of driver leads. Even though these sources are sending carriers predominantly multi-carrier leads. 

Carriers are bypassing high-intent driver applicants for leads that are shared with every company that has the same hiring requirements as them.

Why Do Carriers Settle?

Because it is more convenient to rely on guaranteed sources of driver leads. 

Focusing on generating high-intent driver applicants is hard! 

There is a steep learning curve and your company will have to suffer through months of poor hiring. 


On the other side of that curve is something amazing. Getting over that curve means recruiting a higher quantity of leads and all of the leads want to drive for YOUR company!

How to Stop Settling for Low-Quality Driver Leads

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The first step to stop settling is to first recognize that you have been settling! 

You may have built entire systems for recruiting these leads, but you need to recognize there are better ways to get leads, and doing that may require a change of your systems. 

Next, you need to begin researching how companies are advertising to drivers and getting them to apply in mass quantities. 

After learning from the competition, put together a plan for your company to slowly implement these strategies and wean off of the convenient lead sources. 

Sound like a hard and tedious task? It is! 

Fortunately, you can fill out the form below to speak with a Meramec Solutions specialist and fast track this process for your company.

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