Technology Shaping the Future of Truck Driver Recruiting

AI hand touching finger tips with human hand to symbolize technology shaping the futre of truck driver recruitment.

Identifying, experimenting, and implementing new technology is a never-ending process that can be costly.  However,  Carriers that master the art of innovation reap the benefits in their bottom line, particularly when it comes to recruiting and retaining CDL drivers. Innovative carriers hire drivers faster, get their drivers to perform better, and retain their drivers for […]

Why Touchpoints Matter When Recruiting Truck Drivers

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Building positive relationships is a must in today’s job market, where top talent has the pick of the litter. And as recruiters, it’s our job to connect with even the most passive job seekers, proving your company is the right fit for them. By utilizing touchpoints, you can form meaningful connections with your candidates and […]

How to Recruit Millennial truck Drivers: 4 Top Tips

Millennial truck driver behind the wheel of a semi-truck smiling at camera

Are you struggling to find high-quality qualified truck drivers? If so, look no further, as the millennial generation may be the solution to your troubles! Recruiting millennial truck drivers is often difficult to do at first glance. However, with these 4 top tips, you can find the best possible truck drivers on the younger side […]

5 Horrifying Recruiter Stories

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Driver recruiting is horrifying. Every day a driver recruiter goes to work they are forced to repeatedly face humanity’s biggest fear: Rejection.  As scary as rejection can be, rejection is one of the best outcomes a driver recruiter can have.  Recruiters are often placed into insidious situations that outsiders cannot relate to.  Here are 5 […]

Top 5 Creative Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers

Hiring truck drivers is competitive. Super competitive. But you don’t need me to tell you that. Creativity is essential for setting your company apart from others. Utilize the 5 strategies below to add some flare to your recruiting and hire more drivers. Here are the top 5 creative ways to recruit truck drivers: Group Interviews […]

How to Attract Truck Drivers With Your Job Offer

How to attract truck drivers with your job offer, magnet attracting wooden figures.

Speak with any person who works in the transportation industry about attracting drivers with a job offer and they are likely to say that money is the key.  Increase your pay, and drivers will come.  This line of thinking is similar to Field of Dreams’ most famous quote, If you build it, he will come […]

How to Hire Truck Drivers That Will Thrive at Your Company

Current economic tension and the growing driver shortage are pressuring carriers to hire any trucker with a pulse.  Hiring pressures are forcing companies to ignore red flags driver applicants may have and those red flags are costing carriers money.  We can’t solve industry pressures, however, carriers can attract more quality drivers to their open positions.  […]

Understanding the Facebook Algorithm for Trucking Companies

Red semi-truck driving down the road with the Facebook logo

Every person/business that is on Facebook interacts with the algorithm.  The Facebook algorithm evaluates every post (from all 2.9 billion users), scores each post, and then individualizes users’ Feeds that will keep the user engaged for the longest amount of time.  Understanding the Facebook algorithm helps trucking companies post content that drivers will see.  Drivers […]

Is Increasing CDL-A Pay the Best Driver Recruiting Strategy?

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For decades trucking companies have been battling the never-ending problem that is the truck driver shortage. The driver shortage was bad, and then COVID hit. CDL schools were shut down, mandatory drug testing was severely backed up, and truck driver recruiters were forced to run hiring orientations online. In response to the difficult hiring market, […]

6 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads Drivers Respond to

Truck driver with blue hair speaks with coworker

It is well established that Facebook is the platform with the highest driver population and attention. Carriers are flooding Facebook with ads hoping to attract quality drivers. Standing out from the competition is more difficult than ever. Poorly created Facebook ads are being lost in the abyss, never to be clicked on by potential drivers. […]