Understanding the Facebook Algorithm for Trucking Companies

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Every person/business that is on Facebook interacts with the algorithm.  The Facebook algorithm evaluates every post (from all 2.9 billion users), scores each post, and then individualizes users’ Feeds that will keep the user engaged for the longest amount of time.  Understanding the Facebook algorithm helps trucking companies post content that drivers will see.  Drivers […]

Is Increasing CDL-A Pay the Best Driver Recruiting Strategy?

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For decades trucking companies have been battling the never-ending problem that is the truck driver shortage. The driver shortage was bad, and then COVID hit. CDL schools were shut down, mandatory drug testing was severely backed up, and truck driver recruiters were forced to run hiring orientations online. In response to the difficult hiring market, […]

6 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads Drivers Respond to

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It is well established that Facebook is the platform with the highest driver population and attention. Carriers are flooding Facebook with ads hoping to attract quality drivers. Standing out from the competition is more difficult than ever. Poorly created Facebook ads are being lost in the abyss, never to be clicked on by potential drivers. […]

The Number 1 Reason Why Midsize Carriers Struggle to Recruit Drivers

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Truck driver shortage, entitled drivers, greedy recruiting agencies, etc. have all been labeled as the main reason why midsize carriers struggle to recruit drivers.  However,  This is not the case. Midsize carriers struggle to hire truck drivers when they settle.  What are they settling for?  They settle for the type of leads they are trying […]

How to Start Social Media Marketing for Trucking Companies

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Has any industry adopted social media marketing slower than the trucking industry? Drivers love social media, it helps them stay connected with loved ones out on the road. Yet carriers are afraid to implement any type of social media campaign that reaches these drivers. Here is how to start social media marketing for trucking companies: […]

4 Reasons Why Your Company Isn’t Hiring Truck Drivers

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The driver shortage and a lack of resources impact every small-to-midsize carrier. However, they are not the reasons why you are dealing with empty trucks.  You can be hiring drivers and growing your business. But first, you must address the real causes preventing your company from accomplishing these things.  Here are the 4 reasons why […]

How to Create a Facebook Ad That Drivers Respond To

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The most important part of any Facebook advertising campaign is the audience you are advertising to. The second most important is the ads you are showing this audience.  Poorly designed ads will fail to capture the attention of your audience and lead to bad results.  Follow this guide to learn how to create a Facebook […]

The Number 1 Tip for Driver Recruiting Success

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Every carrier in the nation is looking for the “magic bullet” that ends their recruiting struggles. We have finally found it. The number 1 tip for driver recruiting success is… Build your own audience of truck drivers! Tens of millions of dollars are spent every year by carriers paying 3rd party platforms to have access […]

5 Organizations Working to Make Trucking More Inclusive

In a survey conducted with 440 small and mid-sized carriers from 2020, 64% of respondents reported that at least one of their majority owners was a member of a diverse group.  However,  Despite the diversity among company owners, the industry has long struggled to attract truck drivers from diverse backgrounds.  Fortunately there are groups working […]

6 Best Places to Advertise for Truck Drivers

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You are competing with carriers nationwide to advertise to all of the truck drivers in your hiring pool.  With the widespread adoption of fly-in programs, you are no longer competing against the carriers who have the same hiring area as you. To stay relevant in this hyper-competitive market, you need to have great advertisements in […]