How to Create a Facebook Ad That Drivers Respond To

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The most important part of any Facebook advertising campaign is the audience you are advertising to. The second most important is the ads you are showing this audience.  Poorly designed ads will fail to capture the attention of your audience and lead to bad results.  Follow this guide to learn how to create a Facebook […]

The Number 1 Tip for Driver Recruiting Success

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Every carrier in the nation is looking for the “magic bullet” that ends their recruiting struggles. We have finally found it. The number 1 tip for driver recruiting success is… Build your own audience of truck drivers! Tens of millions of dollars are spent every year by carriers paying 3rd party platforms to have access […]

5 Organizations Working to Make Trucking More Inclusive

In a survey conducted with 440 small and mid-sized carriers from 2020, 64% of respondents reported that at least one of their majority owners was a member of a diverse group.  However,  Despite the diversity among company owners, the industry has long struggled to attract truck drivers from diverse backgrounds.  Fortunately there are groups working […]

6 Best Places to Advertise for Truck Drivers

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You are competing with carriers nationwide to advertise to all of the truck drivers in your hiring pool.  With the widespread adoption of fly-in programs, you are no longer competing against the carriers who have the same hiring area as you. To stay relevant in this hyper-competitive market, you need to have great advertisements in […]

How Small-to-Midsize Carries Can Win at Driver Recruiting

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Small-to-Midsize carriers have been the most impacted by the driver shortage. Without the same resources, it often feels like you are fighting an uphill battle recruiting from the same driver pool as large carriers.  However, Small-to-Midsize carriers have many advantages that attract drivers to their company. Here is how small-to-midsize carriers can win at driver […]

The Top 5 Truck Driver Recruiting Strategies for 2022


Fortunately for the country, 2022 looks like it will be better than 2021. We will be two years removed from the start of the pandemic and hopefully continue to build on the normalcy that returned in 2021. If this optimistic outlook is true, then hopefully that means 2022 will be your best hiring year since […]

How to Use the Holidays to Improve Your Driver Retention

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Driver retention is a difficult task that becomes more difficult during the holiday season.  It is common to see drivers leave their jobs around the middle of December and not return to work until the New Year. They do this to spend time with their families and enjoy some downtime.  However, If you go above […]

3 Tips for Driver Lead Source Management

As we have discussed in previous articles, no two driver lead sources are made the same. They all have their pros and cons and serve different purposes.  That is why lead source management is crucial for your company’s driver recruitment strategy.  Effective driver lead source management will create synergies across the different sources that boost […]

Advertising Your Trucking Company, is it Necessary for Recruitment?

Most carriers understand that they need to pay to reach truck drivers and get them to apply for their open positions. However, what about paying for ads that do not generate driver leads? Is advertising your trucking company necessary for driver recruitment? What is Trucking Company Advertising? Why Advertising is Necessary for Driver Recruitment How […]

5 Things to be Thankful for as a Driver Recruiter

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Life as a driver recruiter can be stressful. It is difficult to remember this position can be rewarding and makes the world a better place.  Here are 5 things to be thankful for as a driver recruiter: Having Interesting Conversations With People Across the Country The Truck Driver Shortage That one Easy Hire Life Never […]