How to Create a Facebook Ad That Drivers Respond To

The most important part of any Facebook advertising campaign is the audience you are advertising to. The second most important is the ads you are showing this audience. 

Poorly designed ads will fail to capture the attention of your audience and lead to bad results. 

Follow this guide to learn how to create a Facebook ad that drivers respond to!

  1. Understand What Truckers Want to See
  2. Learn From Your Competition
  3. Gather Your Creative Content
  4. Pick a Platform(s) to Create on 
  5. Put Together the Ad

Understand What Truckers Want to See

Before taking any photographs, videos, or writing any copy, you need to understand your audience. 

Drivers want to see:

  • Highlights of your position (pay, home time, miles, etc.) 
  • The trucks they will be driving
  • Other drivers’ experience
  • Unique benefits to your job offer

These factors are influential for drivers because they impact the drivers’ day-to-day the most. 

Meramec solutions example ad that interests truck drivers
Example ad that captures drivers’ interest immediately

Learn From Your Competition

The next step before you start creating your ad is to take note of what your competitors are doing. 

Observing other carriers’ driver ads will help you see how the best practices are implemented and what kind of ads are not appealing. 

Take notes on things like where your competition places their payment structure, what type of images they use, how much text is on the ad, etc. 

Also, make sure to look at how much interaction each ad is receiving. A high level of interaction indicates an effective ad. 

Gather Your Creative Content

The first step to creating a Facebook ad that drivers respond to is gathering your creative content. 

At this point, you have done all of the preliminary research and know what kind of content drivers will want to see. 

Take photos of your trucks, gather any driver testimonials you have, and make sure you have a high-quality logo. 

If there is any content you know you need but have not made yourself yet, stock images can be useful. Unsplash is a great stock photo site. 

Pick a Platform(s) to Create on

“Photoshop” is synonymous with graphic design. 


There are many other platforms you can use that make design a breeze. My personal favorite is Canva

Canva’s free version provides you with more than enough features to get started creating your ads. You will have access to templates that allow you to add your creative elements to a pre-built design.

Another, more complicated platform you can use is Figma. Figma does not offer ad templates, however, it provides more control over how your ad looks. 

For most ads I create, I use a combination of Photoshop, Canva, and Figma. 

Put Together the Ad

a jigsaw puzzle on a purple background

If you have done all of the previous steps properly, this is the easy part. The ad will put itself together. 

By now you know what drivers are wanting to see, you understand the competitive landscape, all of your creative content is gathered, and you have a plan for which platforms you want to use.

The easiest way to put together your ad is to upload your creative content to Canva and then use one of their premade templates. Make sure the template fits in with your competitor analysis.

Another good strategy for putting together an ad is to make a combination of all the best ads from your competitors. Open screenshots of your favorite ads, and on another screen start designing your ad. 

Use the platforms necessary to incorporate all of the best elements and highlight your company. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, take inspiration from what the other people are doing. 


Having a Facebook Ad that drivers respond to is necessary for standing out in a crowded space and attracting top-level talent. If you are still unsure of how to make your ads, speak with a professional. 

Fill out the form below and a Meramec Solutions advertising specialist will be happy to walk you through the process!

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