The Top Driver Lead Source, and it’s FREE!

What if I told you there was a free lead source you have access to filled with drivers who have expressed interest in your company and match your hiring needs? 

No this is not some type of fabrication or a mirage. This is real. 

What is this free lead source of quality candidates? 

It is all of the drivers in your database from previous campaigns.

Why You Need to Recruit Driver Leads From the Past

Companies are quick to think that to hire more drivers they must pay for more leads. Yes, more leads can help you hire more drivers, but more leads also cost more money.

What about the other 95 drivers? 

All 95 of those drivers match your hiring needs. Maybe some of them took a position elsewhere, or you were not able to get a hold of them. It is even possible that the driver agreed to work for you but then no-showed. 

As time goes on things change. Unavailable drivers suddenly become available. 

The only way to know if drivers who have previously said no may now be interested is to run a recruitment campaign targeting them. 

How to Recruit Past Leads

First, you need to make sure you have properly stored these leads. A simple spreadsheet works or an ATS will keep all of your leads organized until you delete them. 

If you enjoy migraines and rejection you can start cold calling this list of old leads, but most people are not a fan of this strategy. 

Before calling all of your previous leads, you should first hit them with a text blast campaign in addition to an email drip. 

Doing this will notify the drivers that you are hiring and you plan to call. The drivers will not be surprised when your phone number pops up on their screen and they will be more likely to pick up. 

Your messaging campaign should tell the drivers you are still interested in hiring them and share any updates to your offer that they will find interesting. 

As you start calling the past leads start the conversation by asking if they are interested. If not, ask them why. The responses you get from interested drivers can be used to amend your job offer to become more attractive. 

What Are Your Next Steps? 

If you are running campaigns and have a database the next steps are simple. Draft up some text and email messages you want to send to former leads and then start sending those out. 

After a few days of messaging begin smiling and dialing. 

If you do not have a database of former leads or are unsure how to run a text blast and email drip campaign reach out for help from the experts!

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