5 Things to be Thankful for as a Driver Recruiter

Life as a driver recruiter can be stressful. It is difficult to remember this position can be rewarding and makes the world a better place. 

Here are 5 things to be thankful for as a driver recruiter:

  1. Having Interesting Conversations With People Across the Country
  2. The Truck Driver Shortage
  3. That one Easy Hire
  4. Life Never Gets Boring
  5. Improving the Lives of Your Drivers

Having Interesting Conversations With People Across the Country

Who else can tell people that their job is to speak with fascinating people all over the country every single day? 

Joe Rogan maybe? 

Truck drivers are fascinating people. They are all well-traveled, many come from a lineage of drivers, some entered the profession after serving our country.

As a recruiter, you get to speak with these people. One phone call you may hear about a person who grew up driving across the country every summer with their father and the next call you are hearing about the evolution of Interstate-35. 

There are people in careers who crave human connection. Careers where they are stuck in cubicles working on meaningless paperwork. 

The Truck Driver Shortage

This may be controversial, but recruiters should be thankful for the driver shortage. Yes, the shortage makes recruiters’ jobs more challenging and it is probably the source of many stressful days. 


The truck driver shortage provides recruiters with one important thing: 

Job security.

Talented driver recruiters are always in demand as long as truck drivers are difficult to hire. 

That One Easy Hire

Easy hires are rare. Recruiters spend a large portion of every day calling dead-end leads. It is incredibly frustrating. 

However, sometimes the clouds part, the sun shines down on you, and you call a driver who ends up becoming an easy hire.

The easy hire picks up on the first phone call, meets all hiring requirements, goes through orientation with no hiccups, and becomes a model employee. 

Take time to truly appreciate these drivers when you get the chance to. 

Driver recruiters celebrating the the easy hire.
Recruiters celebrating the easy hire

Life Never Gets Boring

Through the mountain peaks and valley lows, driver recruiting never gets boring.

One week you may be on fire, hiring five drivers in the week and the next you get cursed at by every person you call.

Enjoy the ride!

It may be tough, but recruiters need to be thankful to not be in a monotonous profession.

Improving the Lives of Your Drivers

Nothing should be more satisfying as a driver recruiter than hiring a driver and knowing you made their life better. 

It can be tough to remember that the people you place are just that, PEOPLE!

Drivers are often looking for a new position because they have a need in their lives. For example, a mother may be looking for a position with increased home time so she can see her kids more often. 

Recruiters get to be the person who calls that mother, and if your position fulfills her needs, the recruiter will get the hire and enable that mother to spend more time with her children. 

There is no doubt that driver recruiting is a stressful career. During this time of year, we are all looking for things to be thankful for. Appreciate these things as a driver recruiter and hopefully your day-to-day will become less stressful.

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