How to Attract Truck Drivers With Your Job Offer

Speak with any person who works in the transportation industry about attracting drivers with a job offer and they are likely to say that money is the key. 

Increase your pay, and drivers will come. 

This line of thinking is similar to Field of Dreams’ most famous quote,

If you build it, he will come

There is a myth circulating throughout trucking that by simply increasing pay, you will increase hires.

Driver recruiting is not that simple.

Follow these tips to learn how to attract truck drivers with your job offer!

  1. Write the Content For the Driver, Not You
  2. First Sell Your Company, Then Explain
  3. Utilize Driver Testimonials
  4. Promote Your Unique Benefits 
  5. Turn the Job Title Into a Driver Magnet 
  6. Get Your Job Offer in Front of Truck Drivers

Write the Content For the Driver, Not the Recruiter

truck driver recruiter writing a job offer

As a driver recruiter, you want the truckers who apply to your positions to be as qualified as possible. 

Because of this, you are likely to fill your job ad with all of the information about your job. Including information that is not crucial. 


Providing too much information will scare truck drivers away. They will give up on reading paragraphs of “requirements” and “responsibilities” because it bores them. 

Do not write your job offer for yourself. Create your job offer to be driver-centric. 

Stick to answering these four questions in your job offer:

  • How much are drivers paid and what are drivers paid for?
  • Is there an opportunity for growth?
  • What does home time look like?
  • Does your company have a positive reputation with former drivers?

First Sell Your Offer, Then Explain

Drivers are blasted with enticing job offers 24/7. You only have a brief moment to capture their attention.

The first thing truckers should see when they come across your job offer is why your offer is too good to pass up. 

Once you have the driver hooked on your offer, then briefly explain to them the surface level qualifying factors. 

Attract the truck driver to the benefits of your job offer first, and then add qualifying info.

Utilize Truck Driver Testimonials

In my 10 years of driving, I have never worked with a carrier where the CEO knows every driver by name. I LOVE IT HERE!
John Doe
Truck Driver

Every carrier has a great job offer. This is the result of decades of driver shortages

Because there are so many great benefits packages available to drivers, that means your benefits likely will not stand out.

There is another carrier offering the same or better benefits compared to yours. 


No other carrier has the same driver testimonials you have. 

The best way to make your job offer unique is by incorporating your strongest driver testimonials. 

Drivers trust other drivers, and using testimonials will build trust for your company.

Promote Your Unique Benefits

Two team drivers walking to their semi truck with mountains in the background.

Not every carrier can afford to offer top-of-the-line pay. That’s okay!

A large portion of the driver population will say that pay is the only thing they consider when looking for a new position. 

However, there are a lot of drivers who value other aspects of the job offer over money. 

Some drivers are very attached to their pets and want to work for a carrier that promotes a friendly pet policy.

Other drivers are tired of being away from home for long periods and are willing to earn less for more home time. 

Even having a dispatch team led by former drivers is a strong proposition for many truckers. 

Money is the flashy benefit that everyone talks about. But, there are many other unique benefits smaller carriers can offer that will attract quality drivers.

Turn the Job Title into a Driver Magnet

The first thing drivers will see from your job offer is the job title. This is where you make your first impression.

By properly writing the job title, you can turn it into a magnet that attracts the exact type of driver you are looking to hire. 

For example, 

“Tanker Drivers With 2 Years Experience Needed Near Vegas. Home Daily!”

This title immediately attracts CDL A drivers with specific qualifications and repels drivers who do not meet these requirements.

Plus, it hooks drivers specifically interested in being home more often.

Get Your Job Offer in Front of Truck Drivers

You will never attract truck drivers with your job offer if they never see the offer!

Like selling a product, you need to market your job offer to your target audience. 

There are organic ways to get your job offer in front of truck drivers like word-of-mouth referrals. 


If you want to generate the maximum amount of interest in your offer, you need to pay for truck company advertising

Fill out the form below to speak with a Meramec Specialist and begin advertising your job offer to truck drivers!

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