Top 5 Creative Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers

Hiring truck drivers is competitive. Super competitive.

But you don’t need me to tell you that.

Creativity is essential for setting your company apart from others. Utilize the 5 strategies below to add some flare to your recruiting and hire more drivers.

Here are the top 5 creative ways to recruit truck drivers:

  1. Group Interviews
  2. Create YouTube Content
  3. Turn Your Referral Program Into a Competition
  4. Tap Into Reddit Truck Driving Threads
  5. Build Your Talent Pool

Group Interviews

Chess pawns used to symbolize group interviews

Solo OTR drivers have isolating careers. They spend most of their time alone away from their loved ones.

Because drivers spend a lot of time alone does not mean that they need to go through the hiring process alone.

Hosting group interviews with multiple drivers will create a positive experience for everyone involved.

If possible, incorporate your current drivers into the group interview process. Your current drivers will share your company culture with the drivers being interviewed and build trust.

Group interviews create a more positive experience for the drivers being interviewed and build trust. Positive feelings and trust will lead to more hires.

Create YouTube Content

Do you have new trucks? Or do your drivers take a scenic route not seen by many people (Ice Road Truckers)? 

Maybe your technicians are entertaining people to be around.

Every company has something interesting they can be posting as content on YouTube. 

In 2019 over 54% of drivers frequently used YouTube as a source of entertainment while on the road. That number has increased in the last three years. 

Posting content to YouTube that drivers find entertaining will generate a lot of interest in your company. Drivers will want to work for the carrier that entertains them!

Man holding camera with two hands, making YouTube content

Turn Your Driver Referral Program Into a Competition

Is your driver referral program not producing results? Turn it into a competition for your drivers!

Offer drivers compensation for each referral that is hired and offer an amazing reward for the driver that refers the most hires. 

An example of an amazing reward could be a free trip to Cancun for two people. Or we have even seen companies offering up UTVs. 

The combination of compensation and an amazing reward will motivate your drivers to go above and beyond to send referrals. Your drivers will turn into salespeople for you.

Tap Into Truck Driver Reddit Threads

There are thriving communities of truck drivers on Reddit


Few carriers are active on the platform. 

Posting to and interacting with driver threads on Reddit will allow you to build connections with drivers. 

These connections can be turned into hires, or you can gain insights into what drivers are looking for in a new position.

black and white Reddit icon on red background

Build Your Talent Pool

The fifth creative way to recruit truck drivers is to build your talent pool. 

Many carriers only advertise to truck drivers when they have open positions. You should always be promoting your company to drivers. 

Even when your fleet is full. 

Doing this builds the pool of drivers your company can contact directly. This pool is filled with people who are qualified and have expressed interest in your company.

It is cheaper to advertise to your talent pool, and it is also more effective than trying to reach drivers unaware of your company. 

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