How to Hire Truck Drivers That Will Thrive at Your Company

Current economic tension and the growing driver shortage are pressuring carriers to hire any trucker with a pulse. 

Hiring pressures are forcing companies to ignore red flags driver applicants may have and those red flags are costing carriers money. 

We can’t solve industry pressures, however, carriers can attract more quality drivers to their open positions. 

Here is how to hire truck drivers that will thrive at your company.

  • Provide a Quality Job Offer
  • Cultivate a Strong Driver Culture
  • Social Media Advertising for Truck Driver Recruiting
  • Increase Your Speed to Hire

Provide a Quality Job Offer

There is a common expression in the nutrition and computing world, 

“Garbage in, garbage out.”

This expression means that poor quality input will always produce faulty output. 

People who eat unhealthy diets have unhealthy bodies. 

This line of thinking applies to hiring drivers as well. Carriers that promote a poor quality job offer attract poor-performing drivers. 

On the other hand, advertising high-quality job offers will attract high-quality truck drivers that will thrive at your company.

You can learn more about what makes a quality job offer and other make-or-break recruiting factors here.

Cultivate a Strong Driver Culture

French Bulldog in between two semi trucks

Offering a quality job offer is how you get truck drivers to agree to start working with you. 

However, cultivating a solid driver culture is how you convince those truckers to stay at your company. 

Studies show that toxic workplace culture is 10X more meaningful than compensation when an employee decides to leave their employer. 

Truck drivers thrive in a culture where they feel that the carrier has their back, dispatch is pleasant to work with, and the driver is not pressured into overworking.

Social media advertising is essential for recruiting truckers. 

Since 96% of drivers have a Facebook account, no other platform allows carriers to reach such a large audience.

Assuming that the percentage is standard across all types of truckers, 96% of the drivers that will thrive at your company are on Facebook.

Running a professional social media advertising campaign will get these drivers applying to and interested in YOUR company.

Increase Your Speed to Hire

The faster you can turn driver leads into hired drivers, the more effective your hiring and retention efforts will be. 

Building a fast hiring process tells drivers that they have applied to a carrier that is on top of their game. 

Drivers will feel that they are working for a professional company and that will encourage them to act professionally. 

Plus, faster hiring processes give drivers less time to listen to offers from other trucking companies.


To hire truck drivers that will thrive at your company you need 4 components:

  • A quality job offer that will attract quality truckers
  • Driver culture that promotes retention
  • Social media advertising that reaches drivers
  • Fast and efficient hiring processes

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