Has any industry adopted social media marketing slower than the trucking industry?

Drivers love social media, it helps them stay connected with loved ones out on the road. Yet carriers are afraid to implement any type of social media campaign that reaches these drivers.

Here is how to start social media marketing for trucking companies:

  • Prioritize the Platforms Truck Drivers Use Most
  • Setup Your Business Account on Each Platform
  • Create and Post Engaging Content
  • Begin Running Paid Ads
  • Hire a Professional!

Prioritize the Platforms Truck Drivers Use Most

“Fish where the fish are.”

If your trucking company is starting social media marketing, it may feel overwhelming. Especially when you consider there are 17 platforms with 300 million+ users

How do you start marketing on 17 platforms at once?!

You don’t. 

To start, focus solely on the platforms that drivers use the most. Then as you master marketing on these platforms you can begin expanding to tertiary social media outlets. 

Considering this, you need to start with Facebook. 

96% of truck drivers have a Facebook account, and 7/10 of those drivers are on the platform for 34 minutes+ every day. 

The second most popular platform with truck drivers is YouTube. In 2019 over 54% of drivers frequently used YouTube as a source of entertainment while on the road. That number has increased in the last three years.

Set Up Your Business Account on Each Platform

Smart phone laid down on tables with social media folder opened. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter icons are shown in the folder.

Each time you begin marketing on a social media platform, you need to first set up a business account for your company. 

Do not set up a personal account with your business’ name. Doing this comes across as unprofessional and limits your marketing capabilities. 

Business accounts provide you with more tools, like insights into how many people your posts are reaching. 

Also, if you ever decide to hire an agency to manage your social media marketing, you need a business account to give them access to your page.

Create and Post Engaging Content

Many people new to social media marketing assume that it is all paid advertising. 

But, that is not the case. 

Before you spend any money on paid ads, you need to begin creating and posting content that engages your target audience (truck drivers). 

Doing this will attract people to your page organically and help you learn what kind of content generates the most engagement before you spend money on ads. 

Tools like Canva, Figma, and Adobe Creative Suite are excellent places to start making content.

Begin Running Paid Ads

At some point in your social media marketing campaign, you are going to need to pay for ads. 

Organic reach will only get you so far. It’s unfortunate, but paid ads are how these platforms make their money.

Before launching any paid ad campaign you need to first determine your budget, campaign goals, and the audience you are targeting. 

Your advertising campaign can get drivers to apply to your open positions, follow your page, and engage with your content. 

A combination of defined goals, well-built audiences, and quality content are necessary for advertising success.

Hire a Professional!

The quickest, most effective way to start social media marketing for trucking companies is to hire a professional

Hiring a professional ensures your company will implement the best practices from the very start. 

You will not have to spend the time and money learning the complexities yourself. 

Are you interested in social media marketing for your trucking company? Fill out the form below and speak with a Meramec Solutions’ specialist today!

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