Technology Shaping the Future of Truck Driver Recruiting

Identifying, experimenting, and implementing new technology is a never-ending process that can be costly. 


Carriers that master the art of innovation reap the benefits in their bottom line, particularly when it comes to recruiting and retaining CDL drivers. Innovative carriers hire drivers faster, get their drivers to perform better, and retain their drivers for longer periods.

Fortunately, we have identified the technology shaping the future of truck driver recruiting:

  • Custom Driver Apps
  • Driver Safety Scorecards
  • AI Messaging and Lead Rating
  • Green Light Priority

Custom Driver Apps

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Over 90% of truck drivers use a smartphone every day. However, current technologies being forced on drivers do not increase their productivity, and if anything, they increase driver frustration. 

Drivers get frustrated with new ELD and telematic products because they are often too cookie-cutter to meet the fleet’s unique needs. Additionally, these applications are rarely built to improve the trucker experience. Investing in a custom app addresses both of these problems.

Fourteen of the top twenty carriers nationwide are using custom driver apps to improve their recruiting.

An effective driver app will make your drivers feel more connected to the company, make more money through efficient performance, and retain talent.

Driver Safety Scorecards

It is no secret that incentives drive behavior, and in theory, all drivers should be incentivized to drive as safely as possible. Their lives and the lives of others are potentially at risk. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that drivers are not always incentivized to be safe. Not every carrier has safety bonus programs in place, and the safety programs that do exist are difficult to execute. 

Netradyne has created a solution to this problem. 

By combining dash cams with AI technology, they create safety scorecards for drivers. This technology improves retention by gamifying the safety bonus programs. Drivers know precisely what their “score” is, how they can improve their score, and how much they will be paid for doing so. 

There is no ambiguity between the driver and the company, and everyone increases their profits.

AI Messaging and Lead Rating

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Generating interest in your open positions is hard. Knowing how interested each candidate is can be impossible. 

Blendyd Studios has solved this problem.

They hace created customizable two-way SMS messaging that leverages AI/machine learning to communicate with and evaluate candidate interest. 

This communication process happens automatically once a lead is generated. Based on the responses the driver provides, the AI system will rank the leads based on their interest level for the available position.

This enables the recruiter to focus their attention on the people most likely to turn into hires.

Green Light Priority for Truck Drivers

Every time a truck is stopped at a traffic light, fleets are wasting money. 

Beyond those costs, frequent stops at red lights frustrate drivers. 

Fortunately, Freight North Texas is working to provide carriers with green light priority by utilizing an intelligent traffic signal optimization program.

The program is focusing on the Dallas-Fortworth area for now, but many cities and states could adopt green light priority for their truckers in the future.

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Carriers everywhere will be quick to tell you that “asses in seats” is one of their top priorities. Solving this problem on a macro level is very complicated and requires cutting-edge technology. 

The trucking industry is fortunate to have so many talented and intelligent people working to create technology that will improve the future of truck driver recruiting. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate technology into your driver recruiting process, fill out the form below to speak with one of Meramec Solutions’ Recruiting Specialists now!

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