The Top 5 Truck Driver Recruiting Strategies for 2022

Fortunately for the country, 2022 looks like it will be better than 2021. We will be two years removed from the start of the pandemic and hopefully continue to build on the normalcy that returned in 2021.

If this optimistic outlook is true, then hopefully that means 2022 will be your best hiring year since 2019. 


To have a strong hiring year your company must implement fresh strategies. Otherwise, your company will be left behind by everyone else. 

Here are the top 5 truck driver recruiting strategies for 2022:

  1. Multi-Channel Lead Generation
  2. Utilize Driver Video Testimonials 
  3. Start Creating Content for Drivers
  4. Re-Target Former Drivers
  5. Automate Your Recruitment Process

Multi-Channel Driver Lead Generation

Is your company relying entirely on a single platform for all of your driver lead generation? If so it is time you diversified your lead sources.

Each platform that might be used for driver leads has strengths and weaknesses. Relying on a single platform makes your company susceptible to the platform’s weaknesses, diminishing the benefits you enjoy from the strengths.


Establishing a multi-channel strategy along with effective lead source management will create a synergy between all of the channels used.

The strengths of one platform will cover the weaknesses of another platform.

For example, Indeed and ZipRecruiter are great for providing high-quality leads that are actively pursuing a new position. But many carriers shy away from these platforms because they do not provide enough quantity. 

Facebook Advertising on the other hand is excellent for generating a high volume of direct leads. These leads however are less informed on the position and may only be passively looking for a new job.

Avoiding either of these two platforms because of their weaknesses means you are also avoiding the benefits. 

Combining these two with a multi-channel strategy allows your company to enjoy a mix of high volume AND high quality. 

Utilize Driver Video Testimonials

Employer filming an employee for a video testimonial.

Did you know that people are 50 times more likely to make a purchase when they receive a recommendation from someone they trust? 

People rely on others’ advice before making major decisions, and drivers considering a new job are no exception. 

Driver referral programs are great for getting your drivers to promote your company to their networks. However, the reach of referral programs is limited.

Driver video testimonials are the next best thing to in-person recommendations. 

Truck drivers trust other truck drivers and seeing a genuine video testimonial about your company is very influential.

Plus, there is no limit on the reach of video testimonials. 

Using this content as a part of a digital marketing campaign will spread the recommendation to drivers you otherwise would not be able to reach with a referral program.

Start Creating Content For Drivers

If you are running advertisements for your company, then you probably have created plenty of ad content. 

But do you create content for drivers to engage with that is not directly related to your open positions? 

Engaging drivers with entertaining content is an excellent way to maintain an audience. 

This audience will become familiar with your company. Then when they come across an employment ad, they are going to be more interested compared to if they stumbled across the ad having never heard of your company. 

Also, content creation is a great way to nurture relationships with drivers who have applied but did not end up working for you. Nurturing this relationship keeps the door open for that driver to become an employee in the future. 

Re-Target Former Drivers

The average carrier experiences a driver turnover rate of roughly 100%. You are going to have drivers leave you for a position elsewhere. 

Like the old saying goes, 

“The grass is always greener on the other side… because it is fertilized with bull crap.”

Drivers who leave you are thinking they are leaving for a better opportunity. Oftentimes this is not the case and they will regret leaving your company. 

By re-targeting these drivers, you can invite them to return to your company. 

Your list of former drivers is one of the top lead sources you have access to. It is filled with people who are qualified and contacting them is free!

Former truck driver employees are the top free lead source for carriers.

Automate Your Recruitment Process

A large portion of the recruiting process is filled with repetitive and tedious tasks. 

Examples of these tasks include:

  • Messaging all leads that come in
  • Placing all of the leads into your ATS
  • Formatting lead information (phone numbers, emails, etc.) in a way that is easy to read
  • Organizing the different leads into different audiences
  • Updating your calendar 

The time spent on these tasks is time not spent on recruiting drivers. By automating the recruiting process, you are freeing up time to more drivers.

Most ATS platforms have automation features or you can use a platform like Zapier

Bonus Strategy: Work With a Driver Recruiting Agency

The number one way to guarantee your company is using the best recruiting strategies in 2022 is to work with an agency. 

Agencies like Meramec Solutions spend all of their time ensuring that they are using innovative tactics for their clients. 

Your recruiting efforts will be throwing money away if you do not devote the necessary time and resources. Avoid this by working with a driver recruiting agency. 

Fill out the form below to contact Meramec Solutions today!

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