3 Tips for Driver Lead Source Management

As we have discussed in previous articles, no two driver lead sources are made the same. They all have their pros and cons and serve different purposes.  That is why lead source management is crucial for your company’s driver recruitment strategy.  Effective driver lead source management will create synergies across the different sources that boost […]

Advertising Your Trucking Company, is it Necessary for Recruitment?

Most carriers understand that they need to pay to reach truck drivers and get them to apply for their open positions. However, what about paying for ads that do not generate driver leads? Is advertising your trucking company necessary for driver recruitment? What is Trucking Company Advertising? Why Advertising is Necessary for Driver Recruitment How […]

5 Things to be Thankful for as a Driver Recruiter

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Life as a driver recruiter can be stressful. It is difficult to remember this position can be rewarding and makes the world a better place.  Here are 5 things to be thankful for as a driver recruiter: Having Interesting Conversations With People Across the Country The Truck Driver Shortage That one Easy Hire Life Never […]

The Top Driver Lead Source, and it’s FREE!

What if I told you there was a free lead source you have access to filled with drivers who have expressed interest in your company and match your hiring needs?  No this is not some type of fabrication or a mirage. This is real.  What is this free lead source of quality candidates?  … It […]

5 Steps to get Gen Z Drivers into Your Trucks

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The industry is slowly transitioning from ‘Boomer’ to ‘Zoomer’. More and more truck drivers from the Baby Boomer generation are retiring every day and Gen Z is now becoming old enough to fill the void left by boomers retiring.  However, truck driving is not a popular career choice among young people.  More people are retiring […]

Is Facebook Advertising for Driver Recruiting Dead?

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Yes… But also no. Carriers still need to be advertising on the platform and building a presence. However, long gone are the days of relying on a Facebook lead generation campaign to be the foundation of your recruitment.  Let’s take a look at how Facebook advertising has changed and the direction it is heading. The […]

5 Tips to Hook Drivers on the Phone

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DriverReach teamed up with business guru Phil Jones to rewrite his well-regarded book “Exactly What to Say” specifically for CDL Driver Recruiting.  Doing this raises the question, Is there a formula to hook drivers on the phone?  Here are 5 tips to improving your calls with truck drivers and getting them hooked on your job […]

Lead Nurturing – What it is, Why You Need it, and How to Start

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One of the biggest frustrations in truck driver recruiting is calling drivers that have no clue who your company is. There are many causes of this phenomenon, and one solution your company can implement now.  Lead nurturing.  What is Lead Nurturing? Simply put, lead nurturing is developing and reinforcing relationships with drivers before they are […]

5 Steps to get Truck Drivers to Apply to Your Company

You can’t hire truck drivers if they don’t apply to your job. Simple as that. But recruiting teams often overlook this step in the process because they have so many other moving parts to worry about. Nothing can be more frustrating to a recruiting department than building a recruitment process only to not get any […]

The Top 4 Truck Driver Lead Sources

Finding truck drivers is difficult. There is a long list of truck driver lead sources and each platform performs differently. All of them will claim to get you the leads you need to hire drivers, but in reality, each lead source is best used in different scenarios.  Here is a comprehensive review of Meramec Solutions’ […]